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List of Conditions/Diseases
Abdominal Pain
Acid Reflex
After Surgery Pain & Discomfort
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chest Pain
Chemotherapy Side Effects
Chronic Back Pain
Eating Disorders
Excessive Sweating
Hair Loss

Menopausal Symptoms
Menstrual Cramps
Menstrual Problems
Nausea & Vomiting
Neck Pain & Headaches
Panic Attacks
Pelvic Pain
Poor Circulation
Skin Conditions
Stomach Pain
Overactive/Underactive Thyroid
Vaginal Infections
Weight Loss
Urinary Tract Infections
Uterine Fibroids


David F. (Diabetes & Fatigue) I have diabetes and I didn’t always have good energy. I was amazed how my first visit made me feel. After my first treatment I felt energized and more alert at work. I was impressed with Dr. Wu’s knowledge and insight about my medical conditions.

A. S. (HIV/AIDS) Before I received any treatment my energy was very low and I was very tired. I suffer from HIV and Hepatitis C. From the first acupuncture treatment I felt the difference in my energy and when I made and drank my first herbal concoction I felt the energy right away. Whenever I stop coming I really feel my energy drop. Now I realize that acupuncture treatment is really important in my progress and as a prevention to future health problems.

Michelle S. (Arthritis) I was on steroid medication for ten years due to my rheumatoid arthritis pain because no other drugs ever worked. I ended up hospitalized twice due to the side effects of the drugs that were prescribed. I started my acupuncture treatments in 2007. In three months I was able to reduce my medication to an all time low and felt great. The pain gradually reduced and I am able to function with very little to no pain. My dosage in medication is currently the lowest I have ever been on and I hope to be completely off it in the near future. Dr. Wu’s combination of acupuncture and herbal teas has helped me out more than all of the other doctors I have seen in the last ten years. I am pursuing a career in physical therapy and because of Dr. Wu and her treatment I feel confident about it. I definitely recommend acupuncture to those suffering from any kinds of chronic pain.

A. R. (Migraines) I suffered from migraine headaches for 34 years. I would get them at least once a month and sometimes I could not even get out of bed. After three visits with Dr. Wu the migraines stopped. I have not had another headache since. I have my children coming to Dr. Wu now in hope that they will experience the same outcome.

S. A. (Migraines) Thank you very much Dr. Wu for the wonderful treatments. I have had this terrible headache for almost 20 years and I took many medications. Now I feel so much better because I have no more headaches and I am medicine free.

Jannina C. (Panic Attacks) Before coming to see Dr. Wu I suffered from severe headaches, muscle pains and panic attacks. I would collapse thinking that I was getting a heart attack. I ended up in the hospital many times since the panic attacks were so bad. I visited many specialists with very limited success. Dr. Wu saved my life and my friends’ lives. I never thought I would feel back up on my feet, feeling healthy and enjoying my children and husband. Dr. Wu is the only one who understood the condition my body was in and let me out from the darkness. After two visits I no longer experienced any panic attacks nor physical pain. Thank you Dr. Wu for giving me my life back and may God bless you.

P.W. (Rash) I developed a rash on my torso which seemed to spread to my legs and my arm. I saw two medical doctors and a dermatologist. They all said it was unclear as to what the rash was from or what it was; they simply gave me a cream to alleviate the itching. Nothing worked. I decided to try alternative medicine. After the first visit to Dr. Wu, the itching reduced by 50%. The redness started to go away as well. I came four more times and the rash dried up and stopped itching!

V.B. (Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue) I‘ve been seen by Dr. Wu before she began the Natural Wellness Center for my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. It has been a miracle since I stumbled upon her treatment. The acupuncture treatments helped manage the pain levels, allowing me to go back to work! Her amazing knowledge of herbs has also helped me manage other existing conditions. At no time has there ever been any adverse affects, rather my quality of life has improved significantly from where I was two years ago. I now see her periodically whenever needed, and I am on no medications whatsoever.

Luz M. (Thyroid & Fatigue) Making an appointment with Dr. Wu was one of the best decisions I have EVER made! I had no idea what to expect as I sat waiting to speak to her. I remember her walking into the room with a reassuring smile. We spoke about my concerns and she made me feel comfortable INSTANTLY! She spoke with confidence and was extremely knowledgable! She made me believe that I would get better and that my condition could be easily addressed. I have an “underactive thyroid” and was feeling exhausted, drained, unattractive and as many people like to say…”BLAH!”

After a couple of weeks with Dr. Wu and her team of experts, I began to see some MAJOR differences in my overall health and attitude. I was feeling motivated and energetic. I started waking up earlier to exercise in the morning. I was the old me again…but, a MUCH better version! I currently see Dr. Wu on a weekly basis, except now I don’t go alone. My husband and I have made this our weekly date! Dr. Wu has become our personal trainer and we will be forever grateful! I am a better school counselor, wife, sister, daughter, friend, person and most importantly…mom. My children will get to know the “mom” they deserve!

Subramanian R. (Neck Pain & Headaches) Acupuncture makes me feel very relaxed and energetic. I went to a doctor for stiffness in my neck and headaches for more than six months. After two to three acupuncture treatments I felt much more relaxed. The one thing that makes me happy about acupuncture is that it is natural, with no side effects and absolutely no pain. I personally like the way Dr. Wu treats each particular symptom. She not only concentrates on the symptom itself, but she also takes care of the whole body’s natural healing process. Dr. Wu’s knowledge on acupuncture is exceptionally good. She is also knowledgeable on Western medicine which makes it easier to discuss all of your health problems with her.

Michael D. (Stomach Pain) I would like to thank Dr. Wu for all her care and understanding. When I came to her I was suffering from stomach pain almost everyday. I was also suffering from poor digestion. She took the time to really understand my condition and explain it to me like no other doctor had done before. Almost immediately I began to see positive results, and after only a few sessions I was well on my way to feeling great again. The pain has almost completely subsided, and I have much more energy as well. For me, acupuncture is a very beneficial treatment. I felt completely comfortable and relaxed during my sessions, and I could feel the positive effects of the treatment working for me. I felt that it was a treatment that addressed the needs of my entire body, and I could feel how it was working. I feel that acupuncture is very effective and helpful for healing. It is something I would highly recommend.

Laura F. (Pelvic Pain) I decided to try acupuncture because I was suffering from chronic pelvic pain caused by benign cysts. My acupuncture treatments by Dr. Wu relieved my discomfort and helped me to function normally and comfortably again. In addition, I was treated for menopausal symptoms and allergies, as well as aches and pains, with quick and excellent success. I am very grateful to Dr. Wu and her wonderful staff for improving my quality of life. I highly recommend her for whatever ails you!

Gene B. (Sciatica) I went to Dr. Wu for acupuncture treatment for sciatica. I was experiencing great pain in my leg, and I could not bend my knee without great pain. After only one treatment by Dr. Wu the pain was 95% less, and the range of motion in my leg improved 95%. Thank you, Dr. Wu, you really helped me. Your staff is wonderful.

M. S. (Poor Circulation) Before trying acupuncture my eye sight was very poor. A day or two after the first treatment my vision improved. I also suffer from poor circulation but after doing acupuncture I noticed immediate results. I think it is important to be persistent with the treatments in order to get the best results. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone. I have spoken with close friends who also come for acupuncture treatment and they are walking miracles.

M. D. (Menstrual Problems) After two years of irregular and heavy menstrual periods, I was diagnosed with a sub-mucosal fibroid tumor. I was also highly anemic and my blood count was down to 5! Two surgeries later the tumor was gone, but the heavy bleeding continued. My OB-GYN suggested that I start taking birth control. This was not an option for me because my body does not respond well to synthetic hormones. I was at my wits end! In my search for an alternative treatment, a friend told me about Dr. Wu. Dr. Wu advised that I start taking an herbal supplement and I saw her every week.
Within a few weeks the bleeding stopped! It felt too good to be true. I am happy to say that my cycle is now as regular as the sunrise. Dr. Wu has also relieved me of pain from shingles, chronic stiff neck and is currently treating me for hereditary angioedoma, weight loss, and depression. Dr. Wu’s treatments have definitely improved my quality of life. In her vast knowledge of the human body, acupuncture and compassionate approach, she has given me relief and direction to a healthier life. Thank you Dr. Wu!

I. R. For many years I suffered from severe anxiety, depression, lack of energy, insomnia, debilitating headaches and heart problems. I tried to control my condition with medications and alternative medicine. Nothing really worked for me. Slowly, but surely, I was getting worse. At the moment when Dr. Wu appeared in my life I was desperate and scared. All my symptoms worsened to the extent that I was hardly able to function. I started to have acupuncture on a regular basis. In a few weeks I noticed some positive changes in my health. Now, after ten months, my condition has improved a lot. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Dr. Wu. She literally brought me back to life.

B. R. (High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol & Weight Loss) I went to see Dr. Wu because I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol and needless to say I was overweight. My doctor told me I had to lose weight or I would have a heart attack or stroke and die. The medicine I was taking for my high blood pressure for the past seven years made me feel awful. I was always tired and constantly craved sugar. When I dieted and exercised there was very little weight loss. Then, I heard about Dr. Wu and immediately made an appointment to see her. She was my last hope! I will always remember her words to me after my first consultation. She smiled and calmly said “I can help you” She kept her promise. My regular medical doctor was amazed by my success with acupuncture and eventually I was able to slowly get off of all my medication under his direction. I have now lost 54 pounds have gone down 6 dress sizes. Don’t hesitate to call her any longer because I know from my own personal experience that she can and will help you too!

Video Testimonies Written Testimonies
Lois Bullard

Lois Bullard suffered from swollen legs for more than 35 years. Lois tried seeking traditional medical care but there were no positive results. Her condition was cured within three acupuncture visits.

John Windos

John is a cancer survivor and has been receiving acupuncture for maintenance care. He comes for regular tune-ups.

Sylvia Windos

Sylvia suffered from severe acid reflex and GI disorder for more than 10 years. She had very poor digestion and uncontrollable bowel movement. Her condition was cured after two visits.
Jessica Zulin

Jessica was discharged from the emergency room twice without any kind of improvement in her health. She actually felt worse after she was discharged. Dr. Wu diagnosed her and Jessica received emergency acupuncture care for the rupture of an ovarian cyst. Dr. Wu determined that she needed surgery immediately. She was referred to her gynecologist and the surgery was done the same day. She continued to come back for treatments to help her recover. She is now 100% cured!

Pamela Stewart

Pamela suffered from extreme back pain for most of her life. She is 52 years old. She had tried all other kinds of therapies except surgery. Acupuncture was her last option. After two visits the pain went down from 10-0.

Padraigh Gonzalez

Padraigh suffered from very bad skin problems for a couple of years. His skin would get very inflamed and would always swell. Acupuncture and herbal medicine took care of this problem completely. He was cured after only two or three visits.

Joseph Cruz

Joseph suffered from chronic sinusitis for two years. He would get sick with fevers every month. He felt very weak before he tried acupuncture. Since he began his treatments and herbal remedies he has not been sick. It has already been about six months.

Tanika Pender

Tanika suffered from constant lower left abdominal pain. Surgery was her last option so she decided to try acupuncture. After the first physical examination, Dr. Wu assumed that the diagnosis was a twisted ovarian chocolate cyst due to endometriosis. After the first treatment, the pain was all gone and she was able to get pregnant. Unfortunately, it was an a-topic pregnancy so she still had to have surgery. Her vaginal infection was also cured by natural remedies after regular antibiotics failed. She is now coming to Dr. Wu for regular tune-up visits.