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What is herbal medicine?
Herbal medicine can be defined as the use of natural resources such as seeds, roots, leaves, flowers, bark or berries for therapeutic purposes. Herbal remedies have been very popular in China for thousands of years and are now beginning to gain popularity in the U.S.

What does an herbal consultation consist of?
During an herbal consultation, the herbalist may ask you a wide range of questions regarding your health, including but not limited to main health complaints, allergies, medical history, current conditions (diabetes, heart problems, etc.) and current prescriptions being taken.

How are Chinese herbs taken?
Chinese herbs are usually taken as a decoction. Natural Wellness Herb sells herbs both cooked and raw. When cooked the herbs are taken as a beverage or herbal tea. For herbal teas, dosages may vary from one to two cups daily during certain times of the day, depending on the remedy and the condition being treated. Some Chinese herbs are also available in pill form.

How long will I have to take the herbs?
The length of time that you need to take herbal remedies is based on the severity of your ailment or condition. If your condition is severe you may need to take the decoction from a few weeks to a month or more. If you are only suffering from a seasonal cold or allergies, then you may simply have to take it for one to two weeks. Herbal remedies are mostly given out in packages that may last about one to two weeks.

Does Chinese herbal medicine have side effects?
No, the risk of side effects is minimal if the herbal medicine has been correctly chosen and written. If prescribed according to the correct TCM pattern diagnosis then there should be no side effects, only healing. However, if for any reason you do experience discomfort while taking your remedy, you should tell your practitioner who will then modify the formula.

What is Chinese herbal medicine good for?
Chinese herbal medicine is good for all kinds of health issues. Herbs have been found to help patients in the treatment of depression, colds, digestive issues, joint pain and circulation, along with many other health issues.

Can pregnant women take Chinese herbs?
Pregnant women can take Chinese herbs as long as they are prescribed by a professional TCM practitioner. For thousands of years, Chinese herbal medicine has been used to treat symptoms and conditions during pregnancy without harming the fetus. Herbal remedies are also recommended for women who have just given birth to help them regain all of the nutrients lost during labor and pregnancy.

Can children take Chinese herbs?
Yes, but once again, it is important that the herbs be prescribed by a TCM practitioner. Some common pediatric ailments that can be treated with herbal medicines include colic, fussiness of teething, diarrhea, earache, cough and fever.

Are herbal remedies covered by health insurance?
No, Chinese herbal medicine is not covered by health insurance.